25th anniversary of the Rome Statute of the ICC


The symposium on “Strategic vision for the next decade: How to ensure consistent and sustainable support for the International Criminal Court” – organized by the Siracusa Institute at its headquarters in Siracusa, Italy, on October 12-13, 2023 – was built on the discussions held in New York in July 2023, and was a key part of the commemoration process of the 25th anniversary of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

With around 80 esteemed guests from international courts, State parties, Observer States, academia, NGOs and civil society, including the ICC President and Judges, and a high number of participants following the conference remotely, the International Symposium marked a significant milestone.

During the two days, participants engaged in discussions within four panels, namely:

  • Reinforcing Rome Statute Crimes,
  • The Future of Complementarity: Domesticating the Rome Statute Values and Revitalising the Principle of Complementarity,
  • Strengthening Accountability for Atrocity Crimes,
  • Enhancing the Court’s Institutional Framework


The program included also a presentation of the “Ethica” principles for International Criminal Judges. The Siracusa Declaration, adopted at the conclusion of the symposium, reaffirmed the commitment to strengthen the ICC and promote justice and human rights globally.

“This conference is the achievement of a lengthy process to redefine the ICC, paving the way for the next decade, and continuing the historical mission of the Siracusa International Institute, instrumental in the establishment of the Court in the nineties”, the President of the SII, Jean-Francois Thony, declared.