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Concretely protecting human rights, promoting the rule of law in criminal legal systems in the world and develop effective mechanisms to combat transnational organized crime are the main goals of The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, a foundation established in 1972 in Siracusa itself.

The Institute has always contributed to these goals by carrying out several ambitious and complex activities, first and foremost, through the implementation of technical assistance programs aimed at those countries in need of extensive reforms of their judicial systems. The Institute has solid experience in training judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers. Over the years, similar projects have been implemented in countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Bahrain, Lebanon, Tunisia, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia.

The Institute has always been involved in research projects, workshops and training activities, in collaboration with hundreds of universities, intergovernmental and civil society organizations. Such activities involve scholars, jurists and professionals from all over the world and focus, among other things, on the strengthening of international cooperation in matters such as the fight against the financing of terrorism and organized criminal groups.

From the center of the Mediterranean, therefore, the Institute carries out with great commitment extremely difficult and essential challenges, positioning itself as a true fortress of human rights and as an organization at the forefront of the fight against organized crime. An essential mission that anyone, even with minimal effort, can help support in a decisive way.

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To destinate your ‘5 x 1000’ to the Siracusa Institute, please insert the Institute’s tax code (80001810896) and sign in the box «Support to volunteering and other non-profit organizations of social utility, to social promotion associations and to recognized associations and foundations […]», under the heading «Choice for the destination of the ‘5 x 1000’ of Irpef» of the tax return models.

Per destinare il 5 x 1000 al Siracusa Institute è sufficiente indicare il codice fiscale (80001810896) e apporre la firma all’interno del riquadro «Sostegno del volontariato e delle altre organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale, delle associazioni di promozione sociale e delle associazioni e fondazioni riconosciute […]», alla voce «Scelta per la destinazione del cinque per mille dell’Irpef» dei modelli della dichiarazione dei redditi.