Rome: Final Conference of the project Transfer Radicalisation Approaches in Training


On January 28th, Mr. Filippo Musca, Acting Director General of The Siracusa International Institute attended the final conference of the project “Transfer Radicalisation Approaches in Training” (TRAin TRAINING) in Rome.

The TRAin TRAINING project – which was funded by the European Commission – was aimed at enhancing knowledge on the phenomenon of radicalization in prison and probation (PP). It targeted more than 2800 practitioners (PP, judges, police officers, healthcare staff, teachers, chaplains, etc.) and more than 800 policy-makers/stakeholders, by using the risk assessment protocol developed within the parallel project “Raising Awareness and Staff Mobility on violent RADicalisation in Prison and Probation services” (RASMORAD).


Introductory remarks were given this morning by Counsellor Riccardo Turrini Vita, Director General for Training of the Department of the Italian Penitentiary Administration and TRAin Training project leader. A presentation given by Mr. Musca on the “Rasmorad project outputs and TRAin Training deliverables” and a round table on “the outcomes of the project and the possible future scenarios” followed.

The TRAin Training final conference ended with the interventions of Ms. Carla Ciavarella, Director of the Office for the Coordination of institutional cooperation of the Penitentiary Administration, and Ms. Cira Stefanelli, Director of the training Office for the probation staff of the Penitentiary Administration).