New book on EU Criminal Justice: our Secretary General, Mr. Ezechia Paolo Reale, among the authors



The new book entitled “EU Criminal JusticeFundamental Rights, Transnational Proceedings and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office”, and edited by Professor. Tommaso Rafaraci – member of the Regional Scientific Committee of the Institute – and Professor Rosanna Belfiore, has just been published by Springer.

The book, which is also available on line, analyses the most recent and important meauseres adopted at EU level in the sectors of criminal procedure and judicial cooperation, covering essential issues such as the procedural rights, investigation measures and the forthcoming European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

The book is divided into 15 chapters and it was realized with the contribution of 15 different authors. The Secretary General of the Siracusa International Institute, Mr. Ezechia Paolo Reale, is the author of the chapter on “Defence Areas and Limits in the investigations of the European Public Prosecutor.

For those interested, the book can be easily purchased at this link: