Magistrates, university professors and lawyers from the Siracusa Institute ask for the recognition of the Right to Know


The Regional Scientific Committee of the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights fully endorses the draft resolution on “Freedom of the Media, Public Trust and the Right to Know“, currently being examined by the Culture, Science, Education and Media Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. In addressing the issues of protection of democracy and fundamental rights in the global and digital society, the draft resolution emphasises the need to recognize the Right to Know as a fundamental next-generation human right, as well as an indispensable tool for safeguarding freedoms in the context of an increasingly borderless and technology-dominated world.

The Regional Scientific Committee notes with satisfaction that, in the framework of the preparatory work for the Resolution currently being examined by the Council of Europe’s Commission, appropriate attention is given to the issue of freedom and independence of scientific institutions and the media, as well as to the need to support culture and education, both at basic and advanced levels. These are indeed essential aspects for guaranteeing concreteness and effectiveness to the right to know.

Vincenzo Militello, President, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Palermo


Stefano Montoneri, Secretary, Magistrate, Court of Catania

Gaetano Armao, Vice-President Sicilian Region, Professor of Administrative Law, University of Law, of Palermo

Antonella Bona, Lawyer, Siracusa

Paolo Borrometi, Journalist and writer, Vice-President AGI

Agata Ciavola, Professor of Criminal Procedure, President of the Course of Studies in Strategic and Security Sciences, University “Kore” of Enna

Michele Consiglio, Magistrate, Court of’Appeal of Catania

Loredana Faraci, Professor of History and Entertainment, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome
Journalist, Siracusa 

Marco Galati, Lawyer, Catania

Giovanni Grasso, Professor of Criminal Law (retired), University of Catania, President of the European Criminal Law Centre, former member of the Constitutional Court of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Antonio Gullo, Professor of Criminal Law, Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome

Anna Maria Maugeri, Professore di Criminal Law, University of Catania.

Andrea Migneco, Magistrate, Court of Siracusa

Francesco Puleio, Deputy Public Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor’s Office of Catania

Tommaso Rafaraci, Professor of Procedural and Criminal Law, University of Catania,
Vice-President, Associazioni Studiosi Processo Penale

Ezechia Paolo Reale, Lawyer, Secretary General of the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, Siracusa

Michele Sbezzi, Lawyer, Director of the School of Criminal lawyers established by the Chambers of Ragusa and Modica, Ragusa

Carmen Scapellato, Magistrate, Court of Siracusa

Fabio Scavone, Deputy Public Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor’s Office of Siracusa

Rosaria Sicurella, Professor of Criminal Law, University di Catania

Enrico Trantino, Lawyer, Catania