Key achievements for the Institute in 2018 and 2019 program of activities


In 2018, the Institute has increasingly focused on the protection of human rights and the fight against organized crime and corruption as two priority areas, and which it will continue to focus in 2019. During the past year, the Institute organized or co-organized 44 activities with over 3520 participants coming from 67 countries and 37 universities from all over the world, and with the key collaboration of 45 Italian and foreign organizations. This represents a significant growth compared with previous years across the Institute’s principal areas of activity, including the three pillars that support its values and mission:





Among the most important activities for 2018 it is important to mention:


1) The Memorial Ceremony for Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni (attended by the President of the Italian Republic);

2) The “Regional Strategic Dialogue on Illicit Trade” (attended by more than 100 institutional representatives from twelve countries in the Balkans and officials from international organizations);

3) The Training of Trainers (TotT) sessions dedicated to judges, prosecutors and officials of the technical office of the Egyptian Court of Cassation.



Program 2019

Some of the activities already scheduled by the Institute for the current year include:

– Training: The 19th edition of the Specialization Course for Young Penalists in International Criminal Law and the 4th edition of the Specialization Course for Junior Prosecutors on International Criminal Justice and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters will take place respectively in June and July 2019. A Specialization Course for Magistrates will also be organized in collaboration with the Italian High Judicial Council) and the Specialization Course for PhD students and PhDs in Criminal Law.

– Technical Assistance, Research and Policies Development: After concluding various technical assistance programs in 2018 in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon, in 2019 the Institute will continue to carry out a “twinning” project in Kosovo named ” Strengthening Efficiency, Accountability and Transparency of the Judicial and Prosecutorial System in Kosovo”, conducted by the Italian High Judicial Council in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Justice. In addition, the Institute will be part of a consortium for the project “Support to fight against organised crime in Georgia “, which aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and enhance international law enforcement cooperation.

In relation to research projects and policy development, the Institute will continue to focus on the very significant issue of fighting illicit trade with two different projects: the first, “Strengthening the fight against illicit trade in South Eastern Europe“, which will continue to be developed in twelve countries in the Balkans, while the second, “Mechanism for combating illicit trade” (M. CIT) will formulate international recommendations to national governments and businesses and support governance and policy-making bodies to drive a systematic approach to illicit trade across sectors and borders.