Fourth Working Group Meeting


Between 15-16 May 2024, a working group of experts met at the headquarters of the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights (SII).
Jointly led by the SII and the EU Global Facility, ‘The Siracusa Challenge’ is an activity that is taking shape thanks to a team of 12 experts from academia, the judiciary, anti-money laundering and human rights fields and aims to improve the effectiveness of financial investigations and undermine the economic foundations of criminal organisations through advanced and competitive training exercise.
Overall, the program will equip prosecutors, investigators, and judges with the skills to fight money laundering and terrorist financing proactively, engaging them in a moot court process that mirrors complex, real-world scenarios. This innovative format will develop specialized knowledge and practical skills, encourages best practices, and provides motivation through expert feedback and peer learning.
The aim is to foster a specialized, innovative, and proactive approach to AML/CFT, thereby strengthening the criminal justice response to these crimes.
This initiative, focused on improving judicial cooperation and advancing legal practices in anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, is an important outcome of the ongoing partnership between the EU Global Facility and the Siracusa International Institute.