Call for Experts: Reform of the Judiciary Sector in the Republic of North Macedonia



The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights is participating to a call launched by the European Commission for conducting a project to support the Republic of North Macedonia in the implementation of the Strategy for Reform of the Judiciary Sector and Action plan regarding the independence, efficiency and quality of the work of judges and prosecutors, as well as improving the administration of justice and strengthening the capacities of all justice sector stakeholders.

The specific objectives of the contract are as follows:


  • Improvement of the independence, accountability, efficiency and competence of the judiciary and prosecution;


  • Strengthening the capacities of the relevant justice sector stakeholders, with special focus on the Judicial Council, Council of Public Prosecutors, Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors, Supreme Court, Public Prosecution Office and Ministry of Justice;


  • Implementation of the ICT in the judiciary sector.


The Siracusa International Institute is seeking for 4 experts who will have a crucial role in implementing this specific contract. The profiles of the experts necessary for execution of this Contract are as follows:

  • Expert 1: Team Leader/Expert in Judicial Capacity Building – Category I – 340 working days;


  • Expert 2: Senior legal expert – Category I – 330 working days;


  • Key expert 3: Senior ICT expert – Category II – 110 working days;


  • Key expert 4: Legal expert – Category II – 30 working days.


The specific requirements for each category of experts can be downloaded here. The intended start date is June 2019. The implementation period is 18 months.

If you fulfil all the requirements, you are invited to submit your application by sending your CV to and specifying for which category you are applying. The deadline to receive the CVs is Friday, April 12.

The candidates short-listed will receive more detailed information about the activities foreseen and the relevant compensation.

Profile of Experts – Noth Macedonia