A delegation of the Institute joins the AIDP XX International Congress of Penal Law.


Between November 13 and 16, 2019, the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP) holds in Rome the XX International Congress of Penal Law “Criminal Justice and Corporate Business”, organised by the Italian National Group in collaboration with LUISS Guido Carli University.

A delegation of The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights – which was established in September 1972 precisely by the AIDP-  will join the 2019 International Congress, which will be focused on the relationship between criminal justice and corporate business.

More specifically, the Congress is a reflection of the work of the AIDP over the past five years on individual liability for business involvement in international crimes, food regulation and criminal justice, the interplay between administrative and criminal enforcement and the prosecution of corporations for violations of international law and related jurisdictional issues. The numerous plenary and parallel sessions of the Congress will also focus on subjects of particular relevance to the international debate, including the fight against corruption, new technologies and economic criminal law, protection of the environment through criminal law. The event stands as an extraordinary opportunity to foster the debate with representatives of academia, institutions, governments, the judiciary, and the corporate community.

The opening ceremony will take place on the morning of November 14, with the welcome address by LUISS University, the Italian and foreign institutions and the main sponsor of the event. Keynote speeches by Professor John Vervaele (AIDP President) and Professor Paola Severino (President of the Italian group of AIDP and Vice President of both LUISS and the Institute) will follow.

The President the of Institute, Judge Jean-François Thony, will chair the session on  “Global standards for business criminal law and judicial practice” which is scheduled in the morning of November 15. The other speakers of this session will be Ms Anita Ramasastry (University of Washington), Ms Maria Ramos (Argentinian Procuraduría de Crímenes contra la Humanidad) and Mr Gianluca Esposito (Executive Secretary of the “Group of States against Corruption at the Council of Europe).

All participants in the AIDP Congress will have the opportunity to attend a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis.

The delegation of the Siracusa International Institute which will attend the 2019 AIDP Congress includes Judge Jean-François Thony(President), Mr. Ezechia Paolo Reale(Secretary-General), Mr. Filippo Musca (Acting Director-General), Mrs. Assia Buonocore (Office Manager), Mrs. Stefania Lentinello (Program Officer) and Mr. Gabriele Pulvirenti (Head of Communication). 

You can find the Program of the XX International Congress of Penal Law on Criminal Justice and Corporate Business on the website http://www.aidpcongress2019.com/