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Tobias Freeman- Senior Legal Officer

Tobias Freeman is a lawyer and investigator with more than a decade of experience in the fields of criminal justice and human rights. Tobias specialises in international criminal justice, the fight against organised crime, illicit trade and corruption, as well as international legal and law enforcement cooperation. Currently, Tobias leads the Siracusa International Institute’s legal and policy team. He is an expert of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime as well as Justice Rapid Response, which facilitates the rapid deployment of criminal justice and related professionals to investigate atrocity crimes. He has also served as a Building Integrity Expert with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Tobias has extensive experience in planning and conducting complex, large-scale investigations into the commission of the most serious international crimes and related violations of international law. Prior to joining the Institute, he co-founded the International Crimes Evidence Project (ICEP) with leading international investigators, prosecutors, defence counsel and military experts. ICEP’s independent, impartial investigation into the Sri Lankan armed conflict preserved the most extensive and rigorously analysed evidence-base for future investigations and prosecutions, and was instrumental to the establishment in 2014 of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ comprehensive investigation on Sri Lanka. Tobias has since advised UN investigators, diplomats and NGOs on transitional justice and accountability issues in several contexts.

Tobias is an alumnus of the University of Sydney Law School and Institute for International Criminal Investigations in The Hague. He is admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia.