“Workshop on Evidence Gathering, Management during Investigation and Prosecution of Atrocity Crimes”


From June 25-27, 2024, the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights held its second pilot training workshop in the framework of its Regional Atrocity Crimes Training Platform (REACT) project. This training conducted in Tbilisi, Georgia, focused on “Evidence gathering and management during the investigation and prosecution of atrocity crimes”.

Building on the first workshop on “Practical Introduction to International Criminal Law”, this session aimed to equip participants with practical skills in handling evidence. Organized with Tbilisi State University and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Georgia, it gathered Georgian prosecutors and investigators to complement their expertise. Participants received in-depth training on advanced methods for documenting crime scenes, interviewing witnesses, and handling digital evidence.

The workshop also explored the legal standards governing the admissibility of evidence in both national and international courts, discussing rules of evidence, burden of proof, and the challenges of presenting complex evidence in court. Led by experts in international criminal law and forensic science, the workshop featured interactive discussions and practical exercises, promoting a collaborative learning environment.

The Siracusa Institute remains constantly dedicated to enhancing the competencies of legal professionals in the fight against impunity for atrocity crimes.