1st Summer School on Understanding and Combatting Corruption – A Global Perspective


The first Summer School on Corruption (SSC) organized by the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights commenced yesterday, Monday, July 18.

Participants from 12 countries are now attending 6 daily sessions spread over 5 days that consist of a combination of presentations from experts and participants.

Lecturers and experts include speakers from academia, international organizations and private practice.

Classes will provide participants the capacity to address international problems with confidence as well as awareness of specific contemporary issues and how international law is dealing with emergent and on-going concerns.

Some of the most important topics that will be addressed during the sessions involve the discussion regarding the role of the United Nations against corruption and also the description of the crimes that constitute the illegal act.

Other sessions will instead analyze the potential of designing a domestic anti-corruption strategy and investigate how to attack the profits deriving from bribery.

SSC will conclude on Friday, July 22.