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Tobias Freeman

Tobias Freeman is an international lawyer and investigator who thrives on the intersection of law, policy and multidisciplinary practice. He joined the Siracusa International Institute in 2016 and has since led its work on emerging and converging criminal threats to national and international security, the rule of law and human rights. More specifically, Tobias is passionate about empowering national and global actors to tackle some of the most corrosive, profitable and often entrenched crime-security challenges worldwide, namely transnational organized crime, corruption, terrorism and related exploitation of international financial and trade systems.

Tobias also serves on the advisory board of the International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law in Malta, which provides expertise on terrorism matters, as a member of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime’s expert network, and as a rostered expert for Justice Rapid Response, which supports investigations into atrocity crimes. To these endeavours, Tobias brings more than a decade’s experience in investigations, technical assistance, legal and political analysis, and training in international criminal justice and transnational criminal law and policy, traditionally distinct fields that increasingly converge in the real world.

Prior to joining the Institute, Tobias co-founded the International Crimes Evidence Project to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in connection to Sri Lanka’s armed conflict. This painstaking work contributed to international consensus on the need for accountability and was instrumental to the establishment in 2014 of a comprehensive UN inquiry.