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The Siracusa Institute’s Technical Assistance Programs are designed and implemented to provide world-leading training and other technical advice and support to government officials, judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers and academics, in order to build professional capacity, as well as strong and resilient justice sectors that protect human rights and the rule of law. These programs have been conducted in several countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Bahrain Egypt, Kosovo, Iraq, and North Macedonia, among others.

The overall objective is to strengthen the rule of law in new justice system, with a renewed focus on human rights. While the political transitions of post-conflict countries demand a variety of social, economic and political programs, their long-term success also requires the development and implementation  of comprehensive domestic policies to enable justice and protect fundamental rights.

The Siracusa Institute has been involved in several initiatives to contribute to these broad social and political processes.

The Institute has been recently engaged in the following projects of Technical Assistance: