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The Siracusa International Institute at the Nuremberg Forum 2017

On October 20th, Mr. Filippo Musca, Deputy Director General of the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, attended  the Nuremberg Forum 2017 (NueForum), organised by the International Nuremberg Principles Academy.

The forum is focused  on “The Fight Against Impunity at a Crossroad” and it is being held ten years after the Nuremberg Declaration on Peace and Justice, which was the main outcome of the international conference on “Building Peace and Justice”, organised by the governments of Finland, Germany and Jordan in June 2007. The overall purpose of the conference was to identify possible solutions for post-conflict situations and to create international mechanisms to consolidate security, justice and social development. The Nuremberg Forum 2017 aims to analyse progress made since 2007 and discuss current challenges in the application of international criminal and humanitarian law in the fight against impunity.

The great importance of the event is underlined by Mr. Musca: “Ten years after the presentation of the Nuremberg Declaration, the strength of its message remains both intact and crucial. We are here today in the room where international criminal law was born, to discuss the progress made in the fight against impunity and accountability, as well as all the crucial upcoming challenges. An improved understanding of its mechanisms and implementation is the key for promoting justice and peace.”

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