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From 5-6 December 2018, The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights will host a High-Level Regional Strategic Dialogue on Illicit Trade in South Eastern Europe. The Dialogue will bring together Ministers and other Senior National Officials from across the region, as well as key regional and international stakeholders committed to the fight against illicit trade.

The Institute is pleased to confirm that the Regional Strategic Dialogue will feature presentations by the following senior international officials:

  • Tim Morris, Executive Director, INTERPOL;


  • Snejana Maleeva, Director General, Southeast European Law Enforcement Center;


  • Brian Donald, Chief of Staff to the Executive Director, Europol;


  • Jean-Luc Lemahieu, Director of Policy Affairs and Public Information, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime;


  • Leigh Winchell, former Deputy Director of Enforcement and Compliance, World Customs Organization


The purpose of the event is to engage with key national, regional and international leaders and policy-makers in a strategic dialogue about common challenges and strategic opportunities in the fight against illicit trade, with a focus on South Eastern Europe.

The Regional Strategic Dialogue is organised within the framework of the Institute’s two-year research and capacity-building project, ‘Strengthening the Fight Against Illicit Trade in South Eastern Europe’ or SEE-IMPACT,which is supported by PMI IMPACT, a global grant initiative of Philip Morris International to support projects dedicated to fighting illicit trade and related crimes.

More details about this event will be shared in the coming weeks.



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