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Murder of Mr. Giorgios Karaivaz: protecting journalists against violence as a compelling goal

The Siracusa International Institute strongly condemns the brutal murder of Giorgios Karaivaz, a well-known Greek investigative journalist, who was killed on Friday 9 April in Athens. Mr Karaivaz is unfortunately only the latest of a long list of journalists to be murdered around the world. This is an extremely serious matter because it is presumable that Mr. Karaivaz’s death might be related to his journalistic inquiries. The investigations are currently trying to shed light on this.

According to Mr. Jean-François Thony, President of the Institute, “Protecting journalists, fighting impunity and bringing to justice those who violently try to silence them is a paramount objective for any advanced democracy”.

Indeed, according to the most recent UNESCO estimates, as many as 90 percent of the cases involving the murder of journalists have gone unpunished in the last 10 years. This is an appalling figure to which effective responses must be found urgently.

The Institute, which mission also includes the fight against organised crime, is very sensitive to the issue of protecting journalists. For this reason, it has actively contributed to the development of the recent “Guidelines for Prosecutors on cases of crimes against journalists“, in the framework of a partnership between UNESCO and the International Association of Prosecutors. The guidelines aim to strengthen the skills and competencies of those who prosecute people responsible for violent crimes against journalists. Targeted training activities will be organized at the Institute’s headquarters in the upcoming months.




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