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The course targets mainly recent law graduates, practitioners, academics and students from across the globe, who are pursuing higher education or careers in the fields of international criminal law and international relations.

To be eligible for the course, participants should have a university degree in law, or other relevant education and experience.

Being a course for young penalists, participants should be 35 years of age or under.

Auditors, who do not fulfil the eligibility criteria, may also be accepted into the course and receive a certificate of participation or the Diploma.

The working language will be English.


If a registered participant, in person or online, cancels his/her participation, the registration costs cannot be refunded.

If a participant in person decides to attend online within May 9, the Institute will refund the difference in the registration cost.

Given the current exceptional circumstances, if a registered participant, in person or online, cannot attend the course due to contracting Covid-19, the Institute will consider a full refund on presentation of a certified medical certificate.

If holding a course in presence should not be possible due to the worsening of the global health situation, the course will be held entirely online and the Institute will refund to the participants in person the difference in the registration cost.


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