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Europe is now mobilizing in favour of a right to knowledge. Top scholars from around the world will soon meet in Palermo to discuss.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has decided to discuss, by the end of 2020, a draft resolution on the universal right to know, entitled “Media Freedom, public trust and the people’s right to know”

 “For many years, the Siracusa International Institute has been progressing this theme; without the right to know – which is recognized as a second-generation human right – it will be impossible to have a free future in this globalised world”, stated Mr. Ezechia Paolo Reale, Secretary General of the Institute”.

This is a battle – continued Reale – that should be vigorously launched. For that reason, the Institute intends to organise as soon as possible a meeting of the International Scientific Committee on the right to knowledge, in Palermo, home to the oldest parliament in Europe, and to follow  up, together with the Global Committee for the Rule of Law, on the activities on this issue of the late Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni, former President of the International Scientific Committee.


This initiative aims also – concludes Reale – to support the engagement of the Council of Europe. The draft resolution undoubtedly constitutes an important advancement and recognition of the validity and importance of all the initiatives carried out over the years, thanks also to the special attention given by the Sicilian Department of Education and Professional Training.


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