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January 24, 2017

Since its inception, and in accordance with its educational and scientific mandate, the Siracusa Institute has strongly supported the development and enhancement of international criminal law, international criminal justice, comparative criminal law and the protection of human rights.

To these ends, its core activities are conducted with the aim of promoting a culture of legality worldwide. These activities are:

Throughout its history, the Siracusa International Institute has organized 720 conferences, training and educational seminars and meetings of experts attended by more than 61,000 judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and related practitioners from more than 172 countries from the Mediterranean region and beyond and 497 universities. It has also collaborated with 52 intergovernmental organizations, numerous Italian and foreign governmental bodies, 70 non-governmental organizations and 68 civil society organizations worldwide

Its activities have resulted in 151 published volumes of scholarly and scientific research, as well as conference proceedings relating to international criminal justice, comparative criminal law, human rights and country-specific issues of criminal law and procedure. These publications are in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic and Dari. The Siracusa Institute’s publications in Arabic are considered the leading texts in the field of human rights and international criminal law.