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The Hague: 39th CSI annual conference on Illicit Trade and Related Crimes

From 29-31 October, Mr. Tobias Freeman, Senior Legal Officer of The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, is participating in the 39th Annual Conference of Crime Stoppers International (CSI). The Annual Conference is a forum that brings together senior law enforcement officials, UN and other intergovernmental agencies, policy-makers, crime prevention organisations, media and Crime Stoppers program members from around the world to discuss changing patterns in criminal activity, share best practices and discuss solutions.

Mr. Freeman joined a panel discussion on the evolution of organised crime, together with Mr. Marios Anastasi, INTERPOL Criminal Intelligence Officer, and Mr. Dimosthenis Chrysikos, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Office of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The panel was moderated by Mr. John M. Sellar, Senior Law Enforcement Advisor to the Siracusa International Institute. Mr. Stefano Betti, Senior Legal and Policy Advisor to the Institute joined a separate panel on the misuse of Free Trade Zones for illicit trade purposes.

CSI is a global non-profit organisation representing seven regions committed to support law enforcement efforts to prevent and solve crime by mobilising citizens to anonymously report illegal activity. Comprised of local Crime Stoppers programs in 26 countries, CSI oversees a sophisticated network for citizens to report crime anonymously. CSI’s partners include law enforcement, the media, public and non-profit organisations and international companies committed in the fight against crime.


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