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Özlem Guluzar CELEBI – Legal Officer

Özlem Guluzar CELEBI is a legal officer specialised in international human rights, rule of law, transitional justice and gender. Prior to joining the Institute, over almost 4 years, she was working at UNDP in Tunis in the “support to the operationalization of the transitional justice process in Tunisia”. In the developing democracy context of Tunisia following the Arab Spring, she has supported through substantive legal expertise and technical assistance the establishment of the Tunisian Truth and Dignity Commission (Instance Vérité et Dignité ) and assisted the investigation of gross crimes and violations of human rights by national specialized criminal courts and the development of an integrated system of victim and witness protection mechanisms. She supported as well the establishment of the Tunisian national mechanism for the prevention of torture (Instance Nationale de Prévention de la Torture). Tunisia is the first country in the MENA region to establish its national prevention mechanism.