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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  The new book entitled “EU Criminal Justice – Fundamental Rights, Transnational Proceedings and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office”, and edited by Professor. Tommaso Rafaraci – member of the Regional Scientific Committee of the Institute – and Professor Rosanna Belfiore, has just been published by Springer. The book, which is also available on line, analyses

March 13, 2019
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See below an analysis made by our Senior Advisor, Stefano Betti on the Institute’s new project “Mechanism for Combating Illicit Trade” – (M-CIT) and the Institute’s broader efforts to contribute to a cross-sectorial approach to Illicit Trade and related crimes. An international Mechanism to Combat Illicit Trade? Stay Tuned! Author: Stefano Betti

The Siracusa International Institute expresses its sincerest and deepest condolences for the tragic disappearance of the 157 passengers on board the Ethiopian Airlines plane, which yesterday crashed shortly after takeoff. The accident has unfortunately cost the lives of – among others- eight Italian citizens, all engaged in important projects of development and international cooperation. In